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Poor dental hygiene can affect people’s general health.

We know that diabetes, heart disease and stroke have all been linked to gum disease. Our painless treatments ensure that you receive the best care for your mouth and keep as healthy as possible.

Hygienists also play a big part in keeping your mouth healthy, as many people experience gum problems. These include bleeding and sore gums, bad breath, painful and loose teeth. Our preventative and maintenance appointments are here to help you obtain a healthy and odour free mouth.

Your consultation with the hygienist will include a gum assessment and measurements of bone loss and periodontal pockets. Your teeth and gums will be cleaned thoroughly from one to several visits depending on severity of condition. The hygienist will then ensure you have the correct toothbrush technique, interdental care, and that you are using correct toothbrush size, flossing or correct size interdental brushes according to area. This will ensure that what we do in the practice will continue at home and that we are working as a team together to improve your oral health.

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We Offer A Complete Range Of Dental Hygienist Services

Linton Dental uses the latest piece of equipment called Aquapolish. Aquapolish is a hygiene cleaning treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and fine powder to gently and effectively blast away stubborn stains such as smoking, red wine and tea, and any plaque on your teeth, returning them to their natural whiteness. It can be compared to a mini jet wash of your teeth.

Our Hygienists are able to treat patients under something called direct access which was granted in 2013. However, they will advise you to visit the Dentist if they are worried about something in your mouth.

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